What to expect and prepare for auditions

Vocal solo 
~16 bars prepared in advance with instrumental accompaniment.  
A song from a musical, a folk or traditional song is best; no pop songs.  Here are some tips for choosing an appropriate song.

  • Familiar to you.  This will allow you to focus more on expression and delivery of the song rather than worry about lyrics or notes.
  • Comfortable range - not too high, not too low.
  • Short.  Just a few bars (~16-24) will let me know your voice.

Remember it is better that you sing a simple song well, rather than attempt a song that is too difficult or not in your vocal range. 
MUST HAVE ACCOMPANIMENT. You will do better and sound better with accompaniment.  Look on Itunes for a karaoke version

of some songs you like. Bring accomp on cd or electronic device.   

I will listen for four things – in this order.
         *Pitch.  Do you stay on tune?
         *Pronunciation.  Can I understand what you’re singing?
         *Projection.  Can I hear what you are singing?
         *Personality!  Show me who you are and / or the emotion of song you’re singing!  

One memorized short monologue (~5-12 sentences) This can be from the show for which you are auditioning or something in a similar theme. Use our friend Google; type in "monologues for young performers" or something similar and you'll start to get the idea.  I can help, too; let me know if you need suggestions.  Spend some time selecting a short monologue that you think showcases your ability and personality.  You can also memorize a short poem (Shel Silverstein is a good one. In monologues, I’m looking for some of the same things as in your vocal solo –pronunciation, projection, personality.

Remember when casting, I’ll be looking at the big picture.  My goal is to find a place where everyone “fits” and will enjoy their individual part as well as working together as a full cast.  Whenever you audition for a show, it is most important that you want to be a part of the big picture and will enjoy the process of working together towards a fantastic performance, regardless of what character role you play.

Don’t be too nervous!  Auditions are just a chance for me to meet you, visit with you, and find an appropriate role for you in our production!

Auditions for 2019 Summer Production of Seussical, Jr  

May 6th & 8th (Mon & Wed), afternoons & evenings

Click                 to sign-up for your 20min audition slot! 

Complete registration form and personal conduct contract and

bring with you to the audition. 

Tuition: $250.00  Minimum 75% of Tuition due at time of audition.  

Remaining balance due at first rehearsal Tuesday, June 4th, 4:30-6pm.  

Scholarships - including work scholarships, and sibling discounts available.

See CALENDAR for full rehearsal and performance schedule. 

Contact info@artsreachcenter.org for more information.